Oh well, here I go again…


The world needs anger.  The world often continues to allow evil because it isn’t angry enough. ~ Fr. Bede Jarrett

I  was watching the Inauguration Speech of P.Noy yesterday and what struck me the most among the talking points of his speech was his stand to forgive his enemies but (sic) forgive those the wronged the Filipino people he could not.

I hope he is truly the angry President that he projects to be. Us Filipino’s are too forgiving, too forgetful. Our wrath has limited bounds. We cried for the loss of love ones during floods and other man made disasters yet we often fail to look back at those who kicked the shit out of our pants. We wail in agony for those victims of injustice and heinous crimes yet we forget to parlay such emotions into justice. Life is not fair. If somebody will slap you, God will not go down from the Heavens to put out his right cheek to take the hit for you. You either run or you can fight. Pity the fool said BA Baracus. Let us not be foolish to think that the world dispenses universal justice. That is like praying for the damnation of your would-be assassin’s soul just before he pulls the trigger on a gun pointed at your right temple.

You can either run or fight. You have no other choice but either to run or fight.

Let us be angry for those that treat us as fools. Anger is not tantamount to hatred. Sometimes anger spares us from life long hatred. Anger is the call for action. It is not for diaspora but for the congregation of individuals that would stand up and say, “This will be the last of your transgressions you piece of shit!”

Let us be angry for the right reasons and not because of fear or hate. Let us be angry because enough is enough.


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