Oh well, here I go again…

The Hobbi(es)t

Hobbies are fun and fulfilling. It keeps me fit and active. As I turn 30 this year, I need all the activities that I can cram in the short free time that I have every week to re-ignite my slowing metabolism. However, like other forms of recreation and entertainment, these activities can be easily scrapped off as unnecessary and a complete waste of time and money. As I seek the middle way, I will try to rationalize my current hobbies obsessions and whittle it down to a sustainable few. Yes, curbing my spending is the objective of this exercise.

I’m not that anal to do a SWOT analysis so I’ll just content myself by listing the pro and con of each hobby. Of course, the hobbies with the most cons e.g. expensive get scrapped off my plate.

1. Basketball
– Pro – Fairly competent player already (no more learning curve aka maxed out na…ha-ha), focus intensive (ADHD placebo cure)
– Con – Relatively expensive equipment (shoes, ball and outfit), no playmates (can be remedied of course), have to play within 80% capacity threshold so as not to further injure arthritic knee.

2. Badminton
– Pro – Has standard equipment already (racket, outfit, etc.), excellent stress reliever (imagine the shuttlecock as your boss and then smash away)
– Con – Has regressed in playing ability/skills due to arthritic knee/hips/ankle/forearms.

3. Snorkeling
– Pro – Does not stress the knee at all, I’m a water nymph from a past life (?!)
– Con – location specific (you have to go out of metro manila to one of the beaches to get your fix. Doing this on a swimming pool is dorky and creepy at the same time).

4. Surfing
– Pro – The Flow. ‘Nuff said.
– Con – Need to build up on gear and the ultimate equipment – zee surf board, is uber-expensive. Need to have a car to get carry all your gear to a beach with waves.

5. Biking
– Pro – Has bike already. Low impact cardio exercise ergo good alternative to running.
– Con – Upgrading the bike is somewhat addicting. The bike is 3 times more expensive from its purchase price due to the upgrades alone. Weather is crucial to a fun filled biking afternoon.

6. Swimming
– Pro – Same pro as above with snorkeling, public swimming pools are available metro wide.
– Con – No swimming buddy (swimming alone is dangerous). By survey, entrance fees to swimming pools are kind of steep.

7. Traveling
– Pro – Seeing the world keeps the soul from dying. It gives you a better perspective on the diversity of life and the necessity of propagating understanding and cooperation to our fellow men. Has stable group of travel buddies.
– Con – Cost intensive. Not all travel points would give you the “high” that you expected or had from previous travels. Stressful if not planned properly.

Oops, one prominent hobby is missing. Yes, I’m not into running anymore. Something has to give, my knee or running. It was a very easy choice on my side. That’s enough about my falling out with it though; running was my first and greatest love among my hobbies. Getting a 45 min PR for 10km is the sweetest, I tell you.

Hmmm…surveying what I’ve written above, I can easily do away with traveling since I can always go back to it when I explicitly need to travel for business. I can also do away with snorkeling since it’s almost the same as swimming sans the snorkeling gear. Although I love getting “the flow”, surfing is also cost extensive for me since it involves traveling also hence 2 hobbies in one. Therefore, I should also have to tighten my belt and let go of it also.

What I have left now are the following:
Swimming (done semi-regularly)

With all these activities, undeniably it begets the question, why am I still over weight? That deserves another blog entry altogether. Hihihi.


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