Oh well, here I go again…


What is your inner self saying?

Took the test from facebook. Here is the result:
“You’re a very unhappy person. Sad nearly all the time….:-(

Nothing makes you happy. You seem to always be in a funk and never want to join in with others. Happiness isn’t something you look for, you just accept that you’re alone, and that’s that.”

Hahaha. Sad but true.


You you you…

As I’ve always told myself, once I found out who the most beautiful girl in the world was, I’ll never let her go.

Image used without the photographers permission :-)

Image used without the photographer's permission 🙂

Coz I’d be the biggest fool if I did.

A new Motto, in toto…

Dear Friends,

For your comments and perusal,

Henceforth, my motto would be:

No worries, no regrets, no boundaries

Once I find my old latin dictionary, I’ll translate it into Latin (duh) and have it tattooed on my left arm lest I forgot.

Don’t ask me why I am posting this, I haven’t gotten much sleep for over 24 hours now.

A Sobering Thought

I don’t think anyone in my immediate circle has realized it yet that I’ve drinking consistently with a few days of intervals for the past three years or so. I wouldn’t say that I’m an abject alcoholic but I knew something was wrong about a year ago when I was looking to buy something to quench my thirst at a local 7-11 store and I took at a couple of San Mig lights to get my fix (it was an afternoon).  Since then, I have been into lala limbo every other day or so. So this week, I had a resolve to stop drinking alcohol completely but not right after downing a medium-sized bottle of GSM Blue and evidently knocking myself out of my socks for the last time, ofcourse.

It might be a while before I taste you again my old friend *sob

It might be a while before I taste you again my old friend *sob

So far it has been seven days and counting. Not that I’ll completely stop myself from drinking. But I guess, it would be wise (as advised by my liver), to reduce the frequency from a M-W-F scheme into a more manageable 2x a month ruckus.

I know for a fact that I have been drinking because I wanted to numb the pain that I have been feeling for the past few years or so (not related to a single event mind you) but I realized that somehow I have to put my foot down. I’m turning 29 this year, I don’t want to get into my 3rd decade of my life brain dead. Being autistic is bollocks enough.

Into the Wild

Just saw Into the Wild a few weeks ago, this was the story about the  ill-fated adventures of Chris McCandless. I didn’t like the guy’s belief system at all but I totally admire his philosophy. Travel the less road traveled and travel with the basics only. That’s how we should roll it.


As I’ve always told friends, I am a DIY tourist and I find my traveling experience more enriching and exciting by trying to get to point A to Point B with the cheapest and most efficient way possible.

So with this post, I am declaring my 2009 Into the Wild Travel Series open!

Top 3 Places to go to:

1. Caramoan Islands

2. Pararan Beach

3. Batanes Islands

Need to buy:

– A good camera (Canon Ixus series preferably)

– A lighter backpack (my mountaineering backpack is sturdy but too heavy)

I will go to these places this year, by hook or by crook (sorry for this cliche’)

Under the knife soon?

Just got back from Health Way to have my right knee x-rayed (yes, THAT bothersome right knee). The results won’t be released till thursday but the radiologist showed me the slide before it got sent out for analysis and I can say that my knee is really f*cked-up this time. All I want is the pain to go away. To be able to run again and play all sort of sports that I would want to get into. This time I am taking the right road by having it treated and looked at. No more D-I-Y cures for me. I am getting old and I am getting tired of being hurt all the time. 

For the record, I am not afraid to go under the knife, I just don’t like the hassle that goes after when I have to recuperate from it.

No gf, no right knee. I am such a loser yaya.

2009 New Year’s Resolution

1. Get Healthy – I have been sick for quite a while during the latter part of the year. I know this was due to work-related stress, nevertheless, I could’ve taken better care of myself then. Anyways, besides the proverbial lose weight mantra, I promise to eat better, think happy thoughts and get lots of sleep. 

2. Get Laid – I mean, get a girlfriend. Hehe. Enough said.

3. Pursue graduate studies – Must take a stab at graduate school again. As I get older, higher learning provides me with credibility in an otherwise hullabaloo corporate world.

4. Travel – I’m thinking of travelling on my own this year. Walk the unbeaten path, explore culture and let loose, err in simplier terms, get lost.

5. Hoard lots of cash – We are in the midst of a global recession stupid!

6. Make lots of friends – If I can’t hoard lots of  moolah, atleast I’ll have new freinds to share my misery with. In my friendster main pic, I was sleeping. I think it’s time to wake-up.

7. Get a house – Will be discussing with my parents this year if we could get a house of our own. My dad’s retiring soon so this could be a good investment for him. This would be for my parents though. I plan to be somewhere in the northern hemisphere during my 30’s. I don’t plan to stay in one place for too long anyways.

8. Run a marathon – I don’t know if I could train for this, gimpy knees and all. But as runners would say, you’ve never lived until you ran your first marathon.

9. Read books – I haven’t been reading much since most info that I need is on the net already nowadays. Somehow I equate leisure reading with unnecessary expense since I don’t re-read books that I’ve already read (greatest flaw- impeccable memory). But sure enough, I noticed that I was getting dumber. There is something in our thought processes that stagnates if we only digest immutable data. I guess reading non-fiction stirs the pot in our head so that we don’t always re-hash the tired goulash, it would be nice if I could get a tom-yum gum once in a while.  

10. Love myself  – I cannot give what I do not have. I cannot save all but I can save my self. It’s time to say Me now. I don’t think most people would mind. I don’t think most care anyways. Hehe.


Happy New Year to All. I wish all good health, prosperity and much love. All we need is love. Aza aza fighting!